Jenny Williams


Jenny Williams - Joint Co-ordinator

Revd Jenny Williams – Joint Co-ordinator

The ecumenical Christian community of Taize in France sparked my faith in my twenties, inspiring me to ponder church in a different shape and form. There I learnt to pray with a reflective meditative focus, learning to pray by listening and waiting, noticing what opened doors to a sense of God arising from within. Since them my ministry has revolved around supporting people to find ways of praying that bring life, healing, and purpose. I worked for many years as Chaplain with the Christian Fellowship of Healing where, like Taize, we worked in small groups, learning together and always growing in our understanding of what brings health and healing.

Nitekirk continues my commitment to active lay involvement in ministry, and to creating environments where people are free to explore faith from within their own experience. I delight in the creativity that emerges with lots of different people involved, the artistic sensitivity, and the challenge to seek to express Gospel truths in ways that are authentic to the Biblical tradition and yet fresh, open and inclusive. I love the monthly rhythm and find I live each month with the theme from Nitekirk meeting me in my everyday encounters, deepening my own spirituality and exploration. I enjoy the reality that within the structure there is always an element of chaos and unexpectedness. There is planning, and yet always on the night much shoogling is needed and sometimes things come together very well and sometimes less well!!

Nitekirk is not a place of perfection but rather a place of becoming where the disciplined practice is not ‘getting things right’ but rather exploring and a strong commitment to reflection. This is a Gospel of practice not a Gospel of words.



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