Nitekirk began at Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the summer of 2008. The idea came from Copenhagen’s Natkirken, a ministry offered by Copenhagen Cathedral.

Greyfriars’ minister, Richard Fraser, describes it like this: “At the invitation of Fiona Fidgin of St Columba’s by the Castle, who was working at the time for the Mission and Discipleship Council of the Church of Scotland, we visited Nitekirk in the Cathedral of Copenhagen in 2008. 
It was an inspirational visit to what might be described as “drop-in” church. It made me determined to learn from their experience and provide the opportunity of Nitekirk in Edinburgh. A welcoming sacred space where people could come and explore their faith a spirituality without any presumptions about belonging or prior belief.”

 “You could say that Night Church is a form of open shop where people can come and worship God in his own way.”  Natkirken Theologian Christian Monrad.
In Edinburgh, Nitekirk was originally organised entirely by volunteers. From September 2012, two coordinators were commissioned to support and encourage this growing community. Greyfriars Kirk teamed with partner churches Augustine United Church and St Columba’s by the Castle, extending the ecumenical foundation of this project.

Nitekirk now gathers regularly in all three of these central Edinburgh sanctuaries.